Be happy, have fun and be yourself.

I had a conversation with my client while I was photographing her executive portrait. The topic of conversation was about retouching and how much is too much. I personally don’t like heavily retouched portraits. I feel the photo should show you as you are and who you are.
The conversation continued on with examples of photos that were to heavily retouched. She told me about an instance where she was going to meet a potential vendor. The vendor had her photo posted on her linkedin profile as well as on her website. My client went to the meeting expecting to meet with a mid 40 year old but was instead greeted by a mid 60 year old woman. I know we all have that one photo at we like of ourselves but when you are using a photo to represent who you are in business I believe it should be as close to reality as possible. If a person is misrepresenting themselves  in a photo what else are they misrepresenting, hiding or covering up.
On the flip side of the coin, I have been photographing some really incredible  cancer survivors for the cancer treatment centers of America. These are people who have lost there hair due to chemo and have gone through the ringer with pain, discomfort and changes to their bodies that they never would have imagined. Yet, despite all this, how they looked in their photographs was the last thing on their mind. They were just happy to be alive and they knew that they were loved, admired and respected.
We should all learn from them. It doesn’t matter if a hair is out of place, your chin as a little doubled, you are too heavy or you have wrinkles. Be happy, have fun and be yourself.

Below are a few of the great cancer survivors I had the opportunity to photograph.


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