Editorial Portrait photography of people I’ve met. Hot Springs North Carolina

As I travel around and explore a new place, I always seem to meet someone. This particular time I was in Hot Springs, North Carolina. ¬†It’s located just 40 minutes north of Ashville and is at the junction of the¬†Appalachian Trail and the French Broad River. The area is loaded with things to do for those who like the outdoors. You can do things such as hiking, rafting, horseback riding or relaxing in hot mineral springs. Somehow (but not unexpected) I ended up off the beaten path. I met these two girls playing and having a good time pretending to be fairies. They were so friendly and wanted to show me every bit of where they lived and played. They didn’t have much and what they had was not top of the line. What they did have was happiness, personality and fun playing until time to go inside.

North Carolina Editorial Travel portrait Hot Springs North Carolina Appalachian trail Appalachian trail community in Hot Springs North Carolina North Carolina Editorial Travel portrait Appalachian trail Hot Springs North Carolina


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