Editorial Portrait photography of people I’ve met.

As I travel and photograph, I run across some interesting people. I photograph them not only to create a portrait but to get to know them a little better, get to know their story and learn a bit about who they are. I enjoyed the moments I spent with these people because they allowed me to see the place I photographed more intimately.

Travel Editorial Portrait Photography-Jamaica

This man was selling goods outside a church in Falmouth, Jamaica.

Editorial travel portrait photography|Ireland

This man was the care taker of a property in Fintown, County Donegal, Ireland. He was kind enough to help us get our car out from being stuck in the mud.

editorial travel portrait|Arashiyama, Japan

This man was selling dragon flies made from bamboo along the bamboo forrest in Arashiyama, Japan. He is demonstrating how it can balance.

editorial travel portrait| Arashiyama, Japan

Along the river in Arashiyama, Japan was a small noodle stand. This woman was the one making noodles and running the shop.

Editorial Travel Portrait|Osaka Japan

I passed this man everyday, outside a bike, shop while I was in Osaka, Japan. He always greeted me with a thumbs up.

I will follow up with the stories of the people I met in future blogs along with the images that go along with them. I guess you’ll just have to keep checking back or follow in order to get the stories.


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