Travel Photography: A stop along a country road in North Carolina.

Somewhere on highway 32 near Edenton, NC.

Edenton is located in the north east corner of North Carolina on the Albemarle Sound near the Outer Banks. Highway 32 is a typical North Carolina country road. There’s not much on  it other then cotton and tobacco fields, old tobacco barns, farm houses and an occasional church.

After a kayaking trip at Merchants Mill Pond State Park, I decide to go to Edenton for dinner before heading back to Raleigh. While driving I noticed an old white house with a large magnolia tree out front.  The magnolia was so large you could tell it was planted a long time ago. The house and tree looked like they were stuck in time. Across the street were 2 tobacco barns. I was drawn to stop because both looked abandoned and I love the texture of old buildings. Old buildings and houses seem to have so much to say without saying anything at all. They remind me of the portraits of old people. Through all the wrinkles and marks, you know they have a lot of stories to tell and share but you can only imagine.


farm house with magnolia trees


fron porch detail


porch railing chipped paint


North Carolina country road house





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