Ants: Photography close up and personal 

This time of year ants are especially abundant because the weather is warm and rain is frequent. They will make a line from the door to a small crumb of dog food that fell from Wally’s (my dog) mouth.  My first Instinct is to do whatever I can to get rid of them, having no regard that they are living creatures just looking for a good meal. I found the best ant killer is a little canned dog food mixed with Boirc Acid. Give it a day and they are all gone. Although I’m happy they are gone I feel bad because I know what they look like up close. They are amazing, intricate, detailed beings.

I was always amazed and fascinated with the intricate details that you couldn’t easily see with the naked eye.  While earning a degree in Medical Photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I studied macro, micro, high magnification and microscopic photography. I also took a course in scanning electron microscopy.


SEM (scanning electron microscope) photograph of ant mandible


SEM (scanning electron microscope) photograph of ant antennae socket



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