Ten years with my best buddy. Happy adoption day to Wally.

Today marks the 10th year that I’ve been with Wally. The papers on his crate at the adoption event said he was a 3 year old boxer/hound mix. After I adopted him and got all the vet records,  I realized that the 3 years that was written was when they shelter took him in. It took almost a year for him to become healthy enough to be adopted and find me. I imagine he is somewhere between 13 and 14 years old.

He can’t walk as far as he could in the past or assist me while I’m out photographing anymore. It’s just too much on his heart. Mentally he still wants to do it all so today was a day about him. The day started with a slow walk wherever he wanted to go and spending as long as he wanted sniffing the poles on every corner. Wally can spend 20 minutes on one pole so we don’t do that often.

black and white shadow of dog walking

Then it was into the studio for his annual birthday portrait. Since the day he came home to me he has been posing in front of the camera. Every time I set the studio up for dog portraits or people portraits, he goes onto the set, faces the camera and won’t move until I take a few shots.

dog portrait in studio on white

dog portrait gottdog studio

If only he would smile.






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