Satellite Dish Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing Photography-North Carolina -Gottschall Photography I had the opportunity to photograph in one of the largest Satellite Dish Manufacturing Companies. It is the only high volume producer of metal and sheet molded compound antennas in the world. They make their own resin, stamp, press, and paint their metal and composite products all under one […]

Photoshop Retouching

Sometimes a clients’ product doesn’t look a good as they would like. I was commissioned to photograph a peanut roaster that my client manufactures. They wanted to show the belt at the end of the machine, with peanuts coming off.  We were told  that it would be clean and ready to go when we got […]

Industrial Photography Details

For a couple clients, I photograph large industrial machinery. It’s always a challenge, but a welcome challenge. They are stainless and usually very large. The best part is when I can break away from the initial shot of showing the entire machine and photograph details. I love finding patterns, textures and geometric forms. HOME

Be happy, have fun and be yourself.

I had a conversation with my client while I was photographing her executive portrait. The topic of conversation was about retouching and how much is too much. I personally don’t like heavily retouched portraits. I feel the photo should show you as you are and who you are. The conversation continued on with examples of […]