Ten years with my best buddy. Happy adoption day to Wally.

Today marks the 10th year that I’ve been with Wally. The papers on his crate at the adoption event said he was a 3 year old boxer/hound mix. After I adopted him and got all the vet records,  I realized that the 3 years that was written was when they shelter took him in. It took almost a year for him to become healthy enough to be adopted and find me. I imagine he is somewhere between 13 and 14 years old.

He can’t walk as far as he could in the past or assist me while I’m out photographing anymore. It’s just too much on his heart. Mentally he still wants to do it all so today was a day about him. The day started with a slow walk wherever he wanted to go and spending as long as he wanted sniffing the poles on every corner. Wally can spend 20 minutes on one pole so we don’t do that often.

black and white shadow of dog walking

Then it was into the studio for his annual birthday portrait. Since the day he came home to me he has been posing in front of the camera. Every time I set the studio up for dog portraits or people portraits, he goes onto the set, faces the camera and won’t move until I take a few shots.

dog portrait in studio on white

dog portrait gottdog studio

If only he would smile.





The End of the Women’s March on Raleigh, NC

I didn’t anticipate the number of people or the difficulty of getting downtown and finding a parking spot . Typically I can leave my house and be where I want to be within 10-15 minutes. But this was different. It was the Women’s March on Raleigh. The anticipated crowd was about 7,000 but the actual total was over 17,000. The back streets that are usually not used were even packed and gridlocked.  I found a spot closer to the end of the march path at Moore Square. Wally can’t walk as much as he could in the past so the end is where we stayed.

wally at women march in raleigh nc

Wally at Woman’s March in Raleigh, NC


When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was a woman standing alone, off to the side on a small retaining wall and holding her sign. She didn’t need to be part of the crowd to make a statement, she just needed to make a statement.  That should be a good lesson for all of us. Stand up for what you believe and make a statement.

women rights are human rights portrait

women march raleigh nc sign


The Woman’s March is not the only place you can make a statement. Anywhere, any time, all the time is the time to stand up and make a statement. Although this image wasn’t taken during the march, she had the same message. It goes to show the problems and issues are not new but now is the time to make them stop.

portrait woman with sign in Raleigh nc


The mission of the Women’s March is to stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.

(Taken from mission statement on the Women’s March in Washington’s website. https://www.womensmarch.com/mission/)











Travel Photography: Bermuda Storms

In the Northern Atlantic Ocean, hurricane season occurs from June 1 to November 30, sharply peaking from late August through September. The prime time to cruise to Bermuda is between the beginning of May to the end of September. If you are going to take a cruise to Bermuda you should be prepared to hit some storms. It’s all part of the adventure.



Pool waves during a storm on the way to Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit.

Gottschall-Celebrity-Summit-Cruise-Porthole-View.View of the ocean from the porthole window in one of the lounges. A dark and Stormy seemed to be an appropriate drink of choice.

While in Bermuda the storms just rolled in. It would be beautiful and sunny one minute and the next came the clouds.

Bermuda Storm travel landscape photography gottschall Bermuda Storm dusk travel landscape photography gottschall gottschall-Bermuda storm Photographybermuda storm at rocky beach ocean-storm-Bermuda wave

Travel Landscape Photography : The North Carolina Museum of Art.

The Architectural Record has selected 125 significant buildings that have defined architecture in our era. The NC Museum of Art in Raleigh North Carolina is on the list. I am fortunate to be located only 5 miles away. Besides it being a great building; it also has Friday night movies on the lawn, a 5 star restaurant, art in the evenings with wine and live music, a 160 acre park including sculptures, top rated exhibits and lectures.

Gottschall Photography NC Museum of Art Tree

Gottschall-Stock-Photography-Raleigh-NC -Museum-art

Gottschall-photography-NC-Museum-Art-Reflecting Pool

Ants: Photography close up and personal 

This time of year ants are especially abundant because the weather is warm and rain is frequent. They will make a line from the door to a small crumb of dog food that fell from Wally’s (my dog) mouth.  My first Instinct is to do whatever I can to get rid of them, having no regard that they are living creatures just looking for a good meal. I found the best ant killer is a little canned dog food mixed with Boirc Acid. Give it a day and they are all gone. Although I’m happy they are gone I feel bad because I know what they look like up close. They are amazing, intricate, detailed beings.

I was always amazed and fascinated with the intricate details that you couldn’t easily see with the naked eye.  While earning a degree in Medical Photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I studied macro, micro, high magnification and microscopic photography. I also took a course in scanning electron microscopy.


SEM (scanning electron microscope) photograph of ant mandible


SEM (scanning electron microscope) photograph of ant antennae socket


Travel Photography: A stop along a country road in North Carolina.

Somewhere on highway 32 near Edenton, NC.

Edenton is located in the north east corner of North Carolina on the Albemarle Sound near the Outer Banks. Highway 32 is a typical North Carolina country road. There’s not much on  it other then cotton and tobacco fields, old tobacco barns, farm houses and an occasional church.

After a kayaking trip at Merchants Mill Pond State Park, I decide to go to Edenton for dinner before heading back to Raleigh. While driving I noticed an old white house with a large magnolia tree out front.  The magnolia was so large you could tell it was planted a long time ago. The house and tree looked like they were stuck in time. Across the street were 2 tobacco barns. I was drawn to stop because both looked abandoned and I love the texture of old buildings. Old buildings and houses seem to have so much to say without saying anything at all. They remind me of the portraits of old people. Through all the wrinkles and marks, you know they have a lot of stories to tell and share but you can only imagine.


farm house with magnolia trees


fron porch detail


porch railing chipped paint


North Carolina country road house




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